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Creating Apps and Websites with your Users in mind.

When starting a project, we begin by understanding your picture of success, then overlay user expectations and then create the right tech solution.

Tech Advisors

If you're looking for a Tech Partner, Cofounder or an Advisor, that's Appy Ventures.

Our ambition? Sitting on your Board as your Tech Expert, which we already do for many clients.

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iOS to Android to Web

We've built over 50 unique solutions for our clients (iOS, Android or Web). From designing architecture or the user interface, to coding (Objective C, Cocoa Touch, JDK, PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Ajax, RestFUL APIs, etc.)

UK based with an international team

We strongly believe in work-life balance, that's why our team live where they want to. By having top of the range Project Management practices, our team leverage timezones by working all over the world and living life to the fullest. This is seemless for our clients and has given us a competitive edge like no other.

Patrice - CEO

Background in finance and entrepreneurship. Focusing on making apps addictive, viral and monetise.

Oli - CTO

Ex- Army technical project manager, coder and in charge of Product Management.

Raluca - Project Director

Leading the tech teams and project management.

Peter - Chairman

Experienced business builder focused on growing
Appy clients

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Wherever you are in your app journey, we can help. We like to understand your picture of success and have expertise to work in iOS, Android and web.

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