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  • SmartPlant


    Idea to Series A

    The founder came to Appy with an idea and an investor. This enabled us to work as tech partner through all the stages of market testing, iterating and remaining agile to ensure business success.

    The business has been through multiple business models, a merger with a Californian business, multiple investment rounds and is now at Series A. Appy has been tech partner all the way, and have now helped hire their in house team to take things to next stage.


    • More than 500,000 downloads globally
    • Excellent conversion rate of download to subscribers
    • Won 2 industry awards
    • Moved successfully to a B2B2C model enabling break even and scaling

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Android, Web App, Backend, CMS (Swift, Javascript, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • Kruger Explorer

    Kruger Explorer

    Creating South Africa #1 app

    With prime safari season only 8 weeks away, and having been let down by another developer, the founder turned to Appy to create a cross platform app on Flutter (Dart language).

    Being a guide for the Kruger National Park, we had to create a huge app (hundreds of images and maps) which had to remain offline, but still sync periodically when connected.

    Working with client to leverage their Instagram following, we launched and reached #1 paid app in South Africa, where it has mostly remained!


    • Consistently been the #1 paid app in South Africa since launch
    • Featured by Apple and lots of press
    • Over 95% 5 star ratings
    • 8 weeks start to launch

    Tech Stack:

    iOS and Android app through cross platform framework (Flutter) with Firebase backend and analytics

  • Imployable


    Incubating game changing idea

    The founders of Impoyable came to Appy at idea stage, wanting to explore the concept and learn how to move it forward. The idea centred on helping people understand what career would suit their personality, and mapping the journey to reach their dream job.

    In view of their jobs at the time, we worked with them as and when they were able to, to create concepts, test market and do user testing. Once interest was confirmed, we helped them get ready for fundraising, acting as their tech and business partner the whole way. Ongoing Board role


    • Highly scalable technology being used by government bodies, Job Centre, NHS, Barclays, etc.
    • Multiple awards for both the business and the entrepreneurs behind it
    • Created a fantastic Board with leading industry experts and entrepreneurs

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Android, Web App integration, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • Lofty Paris

    Lofty Paris

    Logistics Startup creation

    Storage as an industry is not consumer friendly, with hiring storage, buying boxes and hiring a van to move boxes - why could you not order that service, on demand, from your phone?

    This highly complex “Uber for storage” concept required large backend infrastructure integration with a third party solution provider and robust technology solution to meet the live demands of the system. We went through nearly 1 month of scoping for this first to market innovative development.


    • Lofty was first to market in Europe with an app for on demand self storage.
    • Launched MVP product, gained some traction, raised Silicon Valley investment and then merged with a larger removals tech business to provide a much wider offering (including to the French government).

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Android, Web App integration, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • HNS data

    HNS data

    IOT Startup incubation

    Starting as an innovation project for Insurance company James Hallam, we went through the various phases of workshop, prototype, pre-selling the concept to strategic partners and raising investment.

    This business focuses on ensuring health & safety practices are undertaken as expected, using IOT (internet of things) to match the physical world and digital world. Data generated can be fed into risk pricing models of insurance companies - enabling dynamic pricing.


    • Raised investment pre build from strategic partners
    • Trials at Burger King, Nandos and top London hotels
    • In discussion with major insurance partners to roll out in a B2B2B strategy
    • Enabled a >50% increase in guest satisfaction in some of the locations trials

    Tech Stack:

    Android, Web App,, Backend (Javascript, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • Signapps


    NHS Innovation MedTech

    The entrepreneur behind this business is a doctor and felt learning in a clinical setting could be strongly optimised. Having won backing from NHS Innovation, he wanted to launch trials at top Medical Universities.

    Working through our tech acceleration processed, we created wireframes, designs and prototypes to be tested. Once product market fit was understood, we helped raise investment to build MVP, and launch for trials.


    • Won backing by NHS Innovation, enabling entrepreneur to be seen as MedTech champion by NHS
    • Partnered with Oxford and Harvard Medical Universities with successful trials

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Web App integration, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • Piggle App

    Piggle App

    Mumpreneur Startup creation

    South West mum and entrepreneur Liz had an idea and needed a tech partner to help her with the process.

    We worked with her from day 1, creating a prototype for user testing and validation, then created a cross platform framework (Flutter), an engaging iOS and an Android app.

    This app enables parents to find and save on kids activities. An integrated subscription service and QR code enables a simple operation in real life with the many partners Liz and her team have signed up.


    • Provided full technical expertise to enable Liz to focus on the Commercial side, knowing the Tech would be delivered smoothly on a small budget
    • Liz has had great success at getting partners on board with her app and is now pushing the consumer side of activities discovery and marketplace.

    Tech Stack:

    iOS and Android app through cross platform framework (Flutter) with Firebase backend and analytics

  • JAFA


    Scaleup Acceleration

    The entrepreneurs behind Jafa had an MVP, some initial product market fit but needed a stronger tech partner.

    We created a hub of conversation for Football fans. Jafa (“Just A Fan’s Analysis”) is a highly gamified and engaging app that has won awards for the team behind it.

    Machine learning and AI algorithms customise the app based on user preferences and ongoing engagement.


    • Won industry and entrepreneur awards
    • Built scalable technology, with sufficient data to help them raise pre-Series A investment round
    • Transitioned them to in house dev team for next stage of growth

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Android, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)