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  • ArtPassport (by Galleries Now)

    ArtPassport (by Galleries Now)

    VR to win awards for an SME

    Imagine visiting art galleries, around the world, from your phone? Exactly - that’s awesome!

    Galleries Now wanted to give Users ability to explore galleries around the world in 360 degrees, so we created ArtPassport.

    We created an iOS app and helped get it featured by Apple, and it received massive coverage.

    From a technical perspective, we leveraged various open libraries and VR engines to create a seamless experience without re-inventing the wheel.


    • Featured by Apple with over 100,000 downloads in its first month
    • Selected by TIME at no.8 in top 25 apps and GQ Magazine in top 10 apps of the year
    • Enabled Galleries Now to double their business and helped grow their Instagram following to >250,000

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Web App integration, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

    Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

    Managed innovation services

    Working with the Moet Hennessy team and their innovation lab in Paris, we created a prototype of an IOT (internet of things) app to maximise the engagement between Corporates and Startups.

    This innovation focused and indoor engagement solution leveraged technologies such as beacons, live maps, room booking functionality.


    • This internal project has received high exposure across the group
    • Ran workshops on innovation and product management
    • Helped move towards innovation led culture

    Tech Stack:

    IOT, iOS, Android, Beacons

  • Seventeen Group

    Seventeen Group

    Managed innovation services

    Working with internal teams within this insurance business to explain the art of what’s possible when it comes to tech innovation within an insurance company.

    Led workshops, produced prototypes and created a business case to enable the Seventeen Group to embrace new technology.


    • Creation of an internal innovation group that promotes ideas
    • Built the first innovation led project within their racing car insurance division

    Tech Stack:

    UX, Innovation Workshop, iOS, Android, Web App

  • South Central Ambulance

    South Central Ambulance

    Emergency Android development

    Working with this NHS division, South Central Ambulance Service, we were brought in to replace their existing providers (O2) to recreate an Android version of their Save a Life app (finding local Defibrillators).

    We worked closely with the Product Owner to ensure rapid and joined up delivery.


    • Became approved NHS provider in record time
    • Delivered app under time and on budget by doubling up resources in view of time critical aspects of this app
    • We are proud to be supporting our NHS through this app and ongoing discussions for more work

    Tech Stack:

    Android development, with support & maintenance

  • Virtual1


    In-house tech augmentation

    This telecoms company wanted to create a unique and engaging mapping solution for their solution. Not having the ability in-house to undertake this (time and skills), they hired us to implement their vision.

    Virtual 1 is a very tech led business, so we had to work closely and integrate into their development processes to ensure the right output.


    • 2 month sprint based delivery, achieving what they had spent >1 year trying to implement in-house
    • Full code handover, documented and supported during transition

    Tech Stack:

    Web app, Backend integration, Scrum team collaboration

  • Johnson Matthey

    Johnson Matthey

    FTSE 100 sales digitisation

    We worked with this FTSE 100 company on digitally transforming their relationship with a segment of clients.

    Replacing a paper based brochure with intelligent technology that gives them data on their potential clients to maximise their revenue and sales conversions.

    Potential clients are able to get automated recommendations on chemistry to use in specific conditions. Our algorithm understands what they’re looking to achieve and suggests relevant product, thus building trust and brand, as well as closing sales for the business.


    • Successful digital transformation project for a very traditional company
    • The solution has been described as market leading and has given our client an edge over their competition, actionable data insights and materially increased sales

    Tech Stack:

    iOS, Android, Web App, Backend, CMS (Swift, Javascript, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

  • Ikea & BWP

    Ikea & BWP

    In-store experiential tech

    Ikea's leading agency (BWP) came to us with an idea for an in-store, experience: demonstrating through data that the Ikea mattresses would genuinely relax customers.

    We worked closely with BWP to create an IOT (internet of things) based heart sensor with custom 3D printed cases. This was a highly time pressured and high profile project.

    We delivered the experience across all 21 of Ikea's UK stores, ensuring that full tech support and training was given to provide an engaging experience that exceeded expectations.


    • Over 3,000 in store experiences done, raising profile for mattress section
    • Successfully coordinated 21 locations over a 4 week period

    Tech Stack:

    Android, Web App, Raspberry Pie, 3D printing