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We have some lovely partner clients who have kindly agreed for us to feature them:

Galleries Now


iOS, Web App integration, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

Why? Imagine visiting art galleries, around the world, from your phone? Exactly - that’s awesome!
What? Virtual reality, 360 degree tour of art galleries: select which gallery you want to visit and get a personal view of that gallery. This app really supports this business that offers listings for art galleries around the world.
How? Appy lead the scoping of creating a seamless 360 degree virtual reality experience, with a similar format to Instagram meets virtual reality. We supported the client through the technology side and launching on the a store, leading to a featured listing in a number of countries.
Result Featured by Apple with over 100,000 downloads in it’s first month. Selected by TIME at no.8 in top 25 apps and GQ Magazine in top 10 apps of 2017.


SECTOR: GardenTech

iOS, Android, Web App, Backend, CMS (iOS, Javascript, PHP, ReactJS, Rest API)

Why? The founder, George Williams, comes from one of the most horticulturally known families in the UK and he believed that technology could increase the pleasure and skills of avid gardeners through the UK and the world.
What? SmartPlant enables users to take photo of a plant and be told by a global network of Experts exactly what that plant is and how to care for it on a monthly basis by creating your virtual garden. Through partnerships with major plant retailers, the technology now enables you to simply scan the barcode of the plant and get full care information and a free trial.
How? Appy is Tech Partner and CTO to SmartPlant. We started working with George from day 1, with a workshop, prototype and user testing phase. Over the years the technology has grown in complexity, with Appy advising as CTO through all stages, as well as involved in helping with fundraising efforts. 
Result SmartPlant has over 400,000 downloads globally, an excellent conversion rate of download to subscribers, won 2 industry awards, raised significant investment and signed partnership deals with major Gardening chains

Johnson Matthey

SECTOR: Chemical Tech

iOS, Android, Web App, Backend, CMS (iOS, Javascript, PHP, ReactJS, Rest API)

Why? Enabling their sales team to have a leading app for their industry was key. Replacing a paper based brochure with intelligent technology that could give them data on their potential clients would maximise their revenue and sales conversions.
What? Potential clients are able to get automated recommendations on chemistry to use in specific conditions. Our algorithm understands what they’re looking to achieve and suggests relevant product, thus building trust and brand, as well as closing sales for the business.
How? Johnson Matthey is a FTSE 100 company that has a large tech team but no Mobile capability. They came to us with an idea and we challenged them over time to build a winning solution that has transformed their sales efforts. The process was to prototype potential solutions to enable stakeholder management and get budget, we then worked through an extensive roadmap of features over a 2 year period.
Result The solution has been described as market leading and has given our client an edge over their competition, actionable data insights on their clients and materially increased sales.


SECTOR: Social Media

iOS, Android, Web App, Backend, CMS (iOS, Javascript, PHP, ReactJS, Rest API)

Why? Want to now what’s happening around you right now from a Sports and Social perspective? Where are people like you active currently doing or watching things? Where solves this and enables you to use Social Media to maximise your Social Life.
What? Live map showing events and activities of people around you, enabling you to communicate, buy tickets for events and check in at locations. Google maps meets EventBrite and WhatsApp all in one.
How? Appy was an advisor to Where from day 1 and once the Where team had tried alternative “cheap” developers (2 years with no product launched), they switched to Appy to deliver the right tech solution to launch a successful product (10 weeks from kick off to launch with a Discovery phase at the start to inform exact scope for a successful business launch). 
Result The business has been accepted by the leading UK Sports incubator to niche down their initial offering to sports clubs, the business has raised 2 rounds of funding and signed up strategic partner companies to scale the business. 

HNS data

SECTOR: Sport Tech

Android, Web App, Backend (Javascript, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

Why? This business focuses on ensuring health & safety practices are undertaken for both protecting public/ employees, but also to comply with H&S regulations and insurance requirements.
What? HNS generates never seen before data through internet of things technology, which can be fed into risk pricing models of insurance companies - enabling dynamic pricing.
How? Starting as an innovation project for Insurance company James Hallam, we went through the various phases of workshop, prototype, pre-selling the concept to strategic partners and raising investment.
Result Currently finalising pilot trials in strategic London hotels, the business is due to roll out UK wide through partners.


SECTOR: Sport Tech

iOS, Android, Backend (Swift, PHP, React JS, Rest API)

Why? The MVP launched in Q1 2018 with strong engagement (dwell time and returning visitors, and is iterating to maximise engagement.
What? Creating a hub of conversation for Football fans. Jafa (“Just A Fan’s Analysis”) is a highly gamified and engaging app that drives has won awards for the team behind it.
How? Driving engagement with Brands and Betting platforms and giving access to a highly prizes demographic for advertisers. Machine learning and AI algorithms customise the app based on user preferences and ongoing engagement. 
Result With a strong list of Investors/ VC/ Partners supporting this business, there are some exciting developments for 2018. 

Lofty Paris

SECTOR: Logistics

iOS, Android, Web App, Backend, CMS (iOS, Javascript, PHP, ReactJS, Rest API)

Why? Storage as an industry is not consumer friendly, with hiring storage, buying boxes and hiring a van to move boxes - why could you not order that service, on demand, from your phone?
What? Lofty enables a user to order boxes to be delivered to their house, pack boxed including photos/ details of content, then order with a 1 hour timeslot pickup of their boxes. Asking for boxes back is just as easy as booking an Uber.
How? This highly complicated integration required large backend infrastructure integration with a third party solution and a robust technology solution to meet the large demands of the system. We went through nearly 1 month of scoping for this first to market innovative development.
Result Lofty was first to market in Europe with an app for on demand self storage. They launched MVP product, gained some traction, raised silicon valley investment and then merged with a larger removals tech business to provide a much wider offering (including to the French government)


SECTOR: HealthTech

iOS, Backend, CMS(iOS, PHP - Laravel, ReactJS, Rest API)

Why? Enabling doctors to learn in the best way possible in a clinical setting is not just a good idea, but a potential life (and money) saving endeavour. Signapps enables junior Doctors to maximise their learnings in hospitals.
What? Consultants are able to notify specific Junior Doctors of learning opportunities and track their teaching; whilst Junior Doctors can get exposed to as many learning opportunities as possible and fast track their learning.
How? Appy is Tech partner and CTO to Signapps. We started working with Mark from day 1, with a workshop, prototype and user testing template. We developed an iOS solution through Agile methodology and delivered a scaleable platform that meets NHS requirements
Result The founder, Mark, is a Junior Doctor backed by NHS Innovation and Appy have helped him build MVP technology that has been trailed successfully at Oxford Medical University and with agreed trials at Harvard. This business has been described as transformational for medical teaching industry and is pursuing trials at the moment.