Can a Mastermind for Entrepreneurs help you achieve success?

Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

A Mastermind for Entrepreneurs is designed to provide accountability from like-minded entrepreneurial peers. Done well – it’s a fantastic tool to succeed. You meet every 2 weeks with like-minded people with similar business stage/ goals/ experience, encouraging each other to take action. If you’re ever not taking action – you have nowhere to hide – […]

Why CAC & LTV is Critical to Your Business?

When it comes to launching any business, I strongly suggest understanding fully why CAC & LTV is critical to your business. I advise thinking about your end goals at the beginning and planning your route backwards from there, and you need to know your key metrics or KPIs in order to do that accurately. I […]

Why Winning Awards is a Little Used Pro Hack?

Did you know that winning awards is a little used pro hack that can help you get recognition and valuable social proof? It gives the people a feeling that you matter more and positions you like a market leader. It separates you from the crowd and raises you above your competitors. Long story short, awards […]

Brutal Lessons from 10 000+ Aspiring Entrepreneurs

On our journey to provide better customer satisfaction, we constructed a 12-month quiz that will help us learn more about the mindset of our clients, aspiring mobile app developers. During that quiz, besides getting to know our clients better, we also managed to gather lessons from 10 000+ aspiring entrepreneurs, and some of the stats […]

Entrepreneur Success: What My Day Should Look Like

Here is a million-pound question that bothers many aspiring entrepreneurs: What my day should look like? What is the key thing needed for becoming a successful entrepreneur?   Is it a 5 am morning jog or a late-night cold beer? An introvert’s version of the question of achieving entrepreneur success would be: “Working all day […]

How to Setup a To Do List for Getting Things Done

How to Setup a To Do List for Getting Things Done? There are many tools available today for creating to-do lists and getting things done. From Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, Podio, Evernote, etc. (please note this is not an advertising of a to-do list tool, but it’s more an advert for getting things done). Even though there are so […]

No One Will Invest In Your Idea If You’re Not Willing To…

“If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will do it for you.” – Kobe Bryant. As for this famous quote from the legend of the basketball world, I am a firm believer in that as well. That is why I often tell my potential clients that no one will invest in your idea if you’re […]

10 Easy Lessons From Aspiring App Entrepreneurs

Here at Appy, we believe in helping people create their passion: making their ideas happen. That is why we decided to create a quiz to understand where aspiring entrepreneurs are at, our focus being the businesses where technology is a key enabler to the business. The results we received were surprising and intriguing, so we […]