Dec 5
getting things done


This is not an advert for Wunderlist, it’s more an advert for getting things done … it just happens to be a good tool but frankly so are Trello, Asana, Podio, Evernote, etc.

Most people play with various tools to “become more productive” and then give up. It may have been a complex post it note strategy, expensive organisation tools or simply your notepad… but without a clear strategy it will fail.

Truth is, simplicity as always, is key.

If you’ve structured your day well, you’re able to focus on getting things done. So what do you need to get done?

Create lists for each area of your business/ life. That’s 5 lists for me but anywhere from 2-8 works (various businesses and personal tasks). Each list is specific to an area you feel is important to succeed in.

In each list, write the to do, breaking down the actions to take in the sub list and adding any notes/ documents in there too. That way you have everything you need to achieve that to do, even if offline on a plane.

Once you have all your to do’s setup, start adding REALISTIC dates when you want to do them. Not everything today, but think strategically and match your physical environment to your to do list (if you’re travelling then maybe it’s listening/ reading content, if you’re in the office then crunching through a presentation, etc.)

Crucially, plan for the next week with daily a Most Important Task (MIT) and star it. Just 1 per day. Aim to have another 4-5 to do’s for each days, but no more. After all, if you’re crushing it on a specific day, no reason why you can’t bring forward other tasks once completed everything!

Now crucially, move tomorrow’s Most Important Task in your Next Action folder. Only 1 task. When you open your computer, only ever look at that Next Action folder, nothing else. Crack on. When it’s done, tick it off and move next item to focus on in Next Action folder.

Final and important tactic is how you note down actions… you want to dump all your ideas/ task/ to dos from your brain onto your to do system. In Wunderlist, it’s straight into the Inbox for future triage (in the evening as part of tidying up your notes). There’s even integrations such as push emails to Wunderlist to create a to do, and many others.

With this system, you always feel organised, you know your next action without having to think about it and you don’t get distracted by other things… finally – you can focus on getting things done and achieving!