A high-speed approach to developing your initial app concepts and learning exactly how to make your app a success.

app workshops Proposal


  • Our management team run a half day, face to face app workshop with 4 key members of your team (including investors/stakeholders, if relevant).
  • 3

  • This holistic view enables us, as a group, to decide the best way forward with a mobile strategy that helps you reach your picture of success.
  • Mobile first is the new standard.

    Portable devices outsell desktops and laptops, and you need to make sure your business stays relevant. Appy Ventures works as the mobile strategy partner for startups and businesses on Mobile strategy, and we’d be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

    Workshop Agenda


    The Picture Of Success

  • Specifically outline what success looks like for all stakeholders of your business or app.
  • 20

    Customer Engagement

  • Learn how you can acquire new users and engage existing users while monetising every step of the way.
  • Break

    20 Minutes


    Product Roadmap

  • Look up to 18 months ahead and determine what features will be added to create the best app possible.
  • 30

    User Journeys

  • Walk through use cases and see how people will flow through your app, what goal they want to achieve, etc.
  • Assumptions

    To ensure the success of this workshop, make sure the relevant team members are present so we can cover the topics mentioned above in an effective manner over the course of the afternoon. We recommend a maximum of 4 from your team to ensure we have the right forum to discuss and make decisions.

    These workshops take 4 hours of undisturbed time, so make sure your chosen venue is appropriate. This ensures you are out of your day to day environment. Avoiding distractions and devoting your sole attention to the workshop will help you get the most value.

    Deliverable's and cost

    - - Summary of app workshops
    - 18 month product roadmap
    - Professional standard wireframes of your app concept for review
    - 8 interactive screens of your app made via graphic design and prototyping tools.
    - Advice on how to conduct proper user testing across devices.
    - Strategies and advice on how to raise funding on the back of a prototype (if relevant).

    For this package, we charge:

    £3,000 plus VAT. Estimated timeframe from kickoff to completion is 2-3 weeks.

    Leap of Faith

    Our workshops are a great starting point in mobile app development for both startups and established businesses alike, and prior planning and preparation will set you on the path to success.

    You’ll walk away with a tangible wireframe/slides and know the exact next steps you need to take.

    Make your idea a reality. It all starts with the click of a button.